Tanning FAQ

After my session, how long before I can shower?

After your session the solution is still working to produce a deep dark even tan. So for the best results, please wait at least 8 hours before showering.

How long will my sunless tan last?

Normally 7 – 10 days.

What should I wear during the tanning process?

You may wear a swimsuit or whatever is comfortable for you.

Before you tan…

  1. Exfoliating your skin (showering) before your session is recommended. This promotes an even coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan.
  2. Shave/wax at least 8 hours before your tanning appointment.
  3. Avoid wearing make-up and moisturizer as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the process from working properly.
  4. Wear dark loose fitting clothing and undergarments to your tanning appointment (No Jeans). Some solution may rub off on clothing, however it should wash out of most fabrics except for nylons and silks.

Maintaining your tan…

  1. Wait at least 8 hours before showering. Unless directed differently by your tanning consultant. *Your first shower should be  “warm”, not “hot”, and do not use any soap. “Pat” yourself dry. Do not scrub as this could affect your sunless tan.
  2. After your first shower, shower as normal.
  3. Apply moisturizers as this will help maintain your tan longer.
  4. Do Not exercise or workout immediately after tanning as this stops the process from having time to fully work.

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